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Enabling Classic ASP Detailed Error Messages in Windows IIS7


Learn how to enable detailed error messages in Windows. Useful for debugging Active Server Pages (ASP) errors on Microsoft Windows Server IIS7.5. Includes example code for your web.config file.


When you view an Active Server Pages (ASP) page in a browser, the following error occurs:

500 Internal server error


An error in your ASP page is preventing your page from loading. The full error message is not shown because detailed error messages are disabled on your domain.

To protect your site from hackers, Ecenica Hosting Windows shared-hosting servers come with detailed ASP errors disabled.

Enabling ASP errors is considered a high security risk and if enabled, should only be done temporarily during development.


Enable detailed error messages by modifying your site’s web.config file.

How to enable detailed ASP errors

  1. FTP into your website space.
  2. Goto the wwwroot folder.
  3. Create a backup copy of web.config
  4. Open web.config
  5. Copy and paste the sample code below to display custom error messages on IIS 7
  6. <configuration>
            <httpErrors errorMode="Detailed" />
            <asp scriptErrorSentToBrowser="true"/>
            <customErrors mode="Off"/>
            <compilation debug="true"/>
  7. Save web.config

ASP errors will now show.This page is wiki editable click here to edit this page.


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