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How-to Create a Holding Page


This article describes how to create a temporary one page website that may used as a simple holding, ‘under-construction’ or landing page.

The web page will tell visitors that your website is coming soon and can list important information such as your contact details.

Create a Temporary One-Page Website

  1. Login to Ecenica Hosting cPanel.
  2. Click File Manager
    Click cPanel File Manager

    cPanel File Manager


  3. In the pop-up window click Web Root, then click Go.
    cPanel File Manager Directory Selection

    Select Web Root > Click Go

  4. Click New File.
    cPanel File Manager New File

    Click New File

  5. Type index.html for the New File Name. Click Create New File.
    cPanel File Manager Create New File

    Type index.html > Click Create

  6. Right-click index.html and click HTML Edit.
    cPanel File Manager HTML Edit

    Right Click > Click HTML Edit

Using the HTML Editor you can add text, images and contact details on to your website easily.

cPanel HTML Editor

cPanel HTML Editor

How-to Add an Image to your Website.

Before adding images you need to upload them to your public_html directory in your web space.

  1. Go back to cPanel File Manager.
  2. Click Upload.
    cPanel File Manager Upload

    Click Upload

  3. Click Choose File.
    cPanel File Manager Upload Files

    Click Choose File > Open

  4. Select an image from your PC or Mac and then click Open.
  5. Wait for the upload to complete.
    cPanel File Manager Upload Complete

    Wait for your image to upload

  6. Click Back to /home/username/public_html
  7. Right click index.html and click HTML Edit.
  8. Click Insert Image.
    cPanel HTML Edit Insert Image

    Click Insert Image

  9. Check the box for your image and then click Insert.
    cPanel HTML Editor Add Image

    Check your image > Click Insert

  10. Click Save.
    cPanel HTML Edit Save File

    Click Save

  11. Open your web browser and view your website. You can make any changes using the HTML Editor.

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